Weekly Cleaning Service

In Allen, Plano, Lucas, Fairview, Murphy, Wylie, Parker, and the nearby areas, Poolar Express offers our Weekly Pool Maintenance Service.

Our comprehensive weekly pool cleaning includes both basic chemicals and labor for most pools. Our package includes an in-person consultation with our Maintenance Tech to tailor the service to your pool’s specific requirements. If you’re seeking complete care for your swimming pool, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (469) 347-2078 or email us at Jim@PoolarExpress.com.

Weekly Service Includes

  • Weekly pool service by qualified technician
  • Water test weekly and balance chemicals as needed
  • Net debris from surface
  • Brush steps and walls
  • Vacuum floor as needed
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Empty cleaner bag/basket
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Backwashing of filter as needed
  • Email customer as a follow up to the weekly service with an image of the cleaned pool and any needed notifications resulting from the service

Weekly Pool Maintenance Service Agreement Details

  • Total Care Startup includes Onsite Startup Meeting, OnPoint Equipment Inspection, and Complete Filter Clean. It is important to start off right with a CLEAN filter!
  • Monthly charge will vary dependent on several factors such as pool size, type, and surrounding foliage.
  • Credit Card on file will be automatically processed between the 1st-5th of every month.
  • First payment will be processed upon Startup Service and monthly billing will begin the following week.
  • Heavy rain or thunder and lightning storms will get chemical only service with baskets and cleaner emptied.
  • Extreme weather events such as a Hurricane or Tropical Storm will result in No Service. Depending on the severity of the storm there may be a cleanup charge which will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • We do not charge extra for months with 5 weeks.
  • We take off the following holidays:
  • New Year’s Day – No Service
  • Independence Day – Service will be done before or after the holiday.
  • Labor Day – Service will be done before or after the holiday.
  • Thanksgiving Day – Service will be done before or after the holiday.
  • Christmas Week – No Service
  • No credits will be issued on holidays with no service. This is why we do not charge extra for the months with 5 weeks.
  • There will be 2 routine maintenance filter cleans each year, every 6 months from your start date. We will schedule these with you.
  • We will notify you of any filter cleanings needed outside of this and we will get your approval for the additional payment prior to service. These are rare cases when we need more than 2 filter cleans a year.
  • Our Total Care Maintenance Service and Prices are for DE and Cartridge type filters only (the most common today). Sand Filter change outs will be handled on a case by case basis and will be custom quoted for each system.
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